The "How & Why" of The Up-Cycle.

The founder of The Up-Cycle started in a backyard in Scarborough, ON with a yard-sale set of tools & a dream. Now located at 13-520 Coronation Drive in Scarborough, Ontario.

A dream that bicycles shouldn't have to meet the scrap heap just because they have some small issues! So he set forward learning, collecting, training until one day it clicked "What if people could do repairs cheaper than normal to justify not buying a new bicycle?"

So here we are. The Up-Cycle is the way forward for this idea. A new arm in the fight against waste and climate change! Every bicycle that gets burned released dozens of chemicals into the atmosphere with the greases, paints, labels, etc.

Every bicycle we save from the heap is another bicycle that doesn't pollute our air. It's more plastic and metal waste that doesn't pollute our oceans. Our owner cares deeply about enivromental change and where our civilization is going being this wasteful.

With our can-do attitude., our methods on recycling parts, a snazzy website, part intake from various sources and good people helping us along, the sky is the limit for The Up-Cycle!!

We hope to see you here this season! Happy Trails!